The Signs

The signs of a cheater


The Telltale signs of cheating partners

We have extensive experience when it comes to girlfriends, boyfriends, husbands and wives who choose to violate their significant other’s trust. With this experience, we are able to provide you with some potential signs you need to be suspicious.

Cheating Partners will often: 


  • Be incredibly protective of their phone
  • Suddenly put protective PINs and passwords onto their electronics
  • Keep their phone bill hidden
  • Be more irritable and guarded than usual
  • Frequently work late nights ‘at the office’
  • Are often away from home for longer than usual
  • Reset their online account passwords
  • Go to the gym more often
  • Upgrade or drastically change their wardrobe
  • Overall take care of themselves more than usual
  • Open alternative email accounts
  • Be on the internet late into the night
  • delete their browser history and messages on their phone
  • not return phone calls from you or deny ever having received them

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